Third Dynamic Architecture Symposium

Third Dynamic Architecture Symposium 1

The exhibition of the 3rd Dynamic Architecture Symposium with the approach of supporting domestic producers in the field of construction industry with the discourse of architects and manufacturers was held on March 26 and 27 at the Spinas Palace Hotel in Tehran.

Maham Sazeh Mobin (Hayka) Microcement Company Hayka is one of the most experienced and leading companies active in the field of decorative and Microcement coatings, which, along with more than 3 architects, builders, interior designers and managers of high-ranking companies, from all over The country and neighboring countries participated in this exhibition.

The exhibition started on the 5th of Esfand, the National Engineer’s Day, with the presence of guests, guests and enthusiasts in the field of architecture.

The purpose of this exhibition is to identify and encourage the works of residential architecture in the category of apartments and villas, which in some way in their design process or in special executive details and materials use, special attention to Iranian native architecture, such as structure, style, technique, etc. Have had.

They have taken action to revive the concepts and structures of Iran’s past architecture

Maham Sazeh Mobin (Hayka) Microcement Company Hayka presented its services in this exhibition by presenting Iranian products and products with the latest designs and performances of Microcement with the ability to be waterproof

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