Hayka Microcement is the guest of Maidon

Hayka Microcement is the guest of Maidon 1

Cover your home with Microcement!

Micro-cement is a kind of building facade covering that, while being beautiful, can handle all the functions of a desirable covering.

Hayka Microcement business, which was the guest of Maydoon program, started with the presence of Mr. Mohammad Ali Oraei and Mohsen Biglari and was accompanied by his explanations

If you are looking for a decorative cover and you want the weight of the building to be low and sealed and resistant to sun rays and can be applied on any surface without carving, we introduce Hayka to you that an Iranian brand is competing with brands foreign brands.

Hayka works in the field of decorative coatings and can be a safe choice for covering the facades of houses or restaurants

Today, home interior decoration has become an important issue for families. Floor and wall coverings are also one of the main components in a desirable decoration

Because it is the first case that engages the viewer’s eye. Micro-cement is a new generation of building cladding, although most experts recognize it as a decorative cladding

But because of its features, it can also be used for non-decorative purposes

Maidan Competition is one of the most experienced in the production and installation of this building coatings

Microcement has all the features of an ideal coating for walls, ceiling and floor; For example

– Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments

– The cleaning process is not troublesome

-Impenetrable and seamless

-It is very easy to implement

Hayka Microcement is built under the supervision of Messrs. Mohammad Ali Oraeiand Mohsen Biglari

Maham Sazeh Group, which has been active in this field for many years and of course interior decoration design, has made the quality of products and their compatibility of raw materials with the environment a priority in its work. Of course, customer satisfaction is the highest priority for him and his team

Hayka is actually a brand that Maham Sazeh Mobin Company has chosen for the facade of the building it produces

Using the experience and expertise of the best architects in the country, the company has built a flexible and functional microstructure for various environments such as homes, restaurants, clubs, etc., which can not only diversify the environment, but also prevent energy waste

If we want to review the professional record of Hayka Microcement, the guest of Maydoon program, we come across large and beautiful collections in Tehran and even other provinces of the country, which owe a large percentage of their beauty to Hayka Microcement

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