In addition to the indoor environment, Microcement can also be used in the exterior, and due to the high resistance of these materials against moisture penetration, it can be used in the bathroom.

Due to the high flexibility of Microcement materials, the use of these materials in the facade of the building is also common, and on the other hand, because these materials can be applied seamlessly to the facade, walls and floor of the building, the use of these materials more he does

Projects done with microcement

میکروسمنت مرکز تجاری

Execution of the exterior of the shopping center

میکروسمنت پادیران

Execution of the interior view of Padiran

اجرای نمای داخلی رستوران سیگنیچر

Execution of the interior view of Signature restaurant

پروژه میکروسمنت مدرن الهیه

Elahieh modern office project

Microcement introduction video

What is Microcement?

Micro-cement is a decorative, polymer and organic-mineral composite coating based on cement, water-based resins, additives and mineral pigments that create a unique and durable coating. Microcement was selected in 2015 as one of the most unique coatings by architects and interior designers. This coating is an ideal choice for interior and exterior surfaces, horizontal and vertical surfaces and a great option for those who are looking to create beauty with a unique concrete design at a reasonable price for floors and walls. One of the best features of that seamless and integrated surface is that it is very easy to maintain, clean and repair. In other words, this coating, regardless of the area, is applied continuously and without seams and gaps. The manual application and different textures of this coating make each project unique and special because no two surfaces will be the same. Due to the strong adhesion of microcement to the following types of substrates such as tiles, cement, bricks and a final thickness of 3 mm, a very good renovation can be done with acceptable time and time. The very high resistance of this product makes it a great option for places that are exposed to heavy traffic. In addition, the coating dries quickly and can be used immediately. Micro cement can be used in homes, commercial offices, hotels as floor coverings, ceilings, facades, stairs and even furniture.

Micro cement features

Maham Sazeh Company, using the best architects and building engineers, in addition to producing and executing Microcement , also provides services related to interior design and facade of your projects, if desired.


Variety of colors and textures

Micro-cement has a different color spectrum and different textures such as: storm design, earth, iron, copper, etc.

High adhesion and cost savings

Due to its high adhesion, Microcement can be used on any surface, even tiles, and saves time and money; The approximate thickness of the Microcement is between 2 and 3 mm.

Suitable for modern and classic environments

The environment with modern architecture is used from simple designs and in the environment with classic architecture, stencil designs or with gold and copper colors are used.


The ability to wash and seal it is one of the most important properties of Microcement , which makes it possible to use this coating in toilets and bathrooms.